What should you put under the TV?

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Wall-mounted TVs are a great way to save space. But what can you do with the space? This is the biggest problem for anyone who has ever mounted a TV. It is something we are working to fix right now.

This happens all the time. If you place a TV on a wall with nothing underneath it, the wall will look lopsided. We’ve been there. You’ll have to do an emergency decorating session if you don’t think it through before drilling the mounting brackets holes.

There are many things to think about. Placing furniture seems obvious. Mounting a flat-screen to the wall is a great solution for small spaces. Where can you place another piece of furniture?

Then there are those dangling cable. What is the deal with all those eyesores? That too must be solved.

These problems have been solved and there are other solutions. These solutions will hopefully be found for you in the right place at the right moment.

Four Reasons Not To Slap That Flat Screen TV Over Your
Four Reasons Not To Slap That Flat Screen TV Over Your

Is the TV Mounted Where?

First, measure the space under and around the TV. You will need media furniture if you have a large living area. These furniture items include a media console, a buffet and shelves. Media furniture can be used to prevent your TV from looking too heavy or isolated.

However, adding furniture to a small space is not advisable. You can save space by leaving the floor space below the TV unoccupied. Instead, you can decorate it with wall decor.

How many devices?

It is important to consider the size of your room. You might want to store multiple gadgets, such as TV speakers, Blu-ray players, cable boxes, Bluray players and game consoles, in a closed cabinet.

Alternative storage solutions are needed for small spaces (if you don’t have a cabinet). This is where wall shelves with cable organizers come in handy. You can also use TV mounts to provide additional space.

Wall Decoration and hiding the cables

The ugly cords are a big part of decorating under a mounted TV. They’re there, we can’t ignore them. We have to hide them. It doesn’t matter if you place furniture under your TV or decorate a wall around it; implementing a cable management system is crucial.

These ideas include:

  • Drilling into furniture back for cable placement.
  • Hidden compartments are a great way to store cables.
  • Mounts that can be used with cable organizers.
  • You can use PVC pipe, or tape to bundle the cables.

Furniture under the Mounted TV

To maintain balance, it is a good rule to follow when purchasing furniture. You can choose the furniture that suits your needs and preferences.


For many reasons, buffets look great under-mounted TV. They can be used for many business purposes.

Floating shelves

For TV enthusiasts looking for something simple and affordable, a floating shelf under the TV is the best choice. You can integrate your TV into your room’s design by adding shelves. This will remove the awkward box effect and allow you to be creative. You can arrange the accessories and devices on your shelves multiple times.


A small bench will be enough to hold a TV. It will not seem heavy visually.


Also, don’t place your TV too high on the wall near a piece of furniture such as the wooden dresser. A wall-mounted TV is a great option if you have a small living space. A dresser can be used as a storage unit for any gadgets.

Gallery Wall

Create a gallery wall around your TV. It should be treated as a picture. This TV role-changing is not only practical but also enhances the appearance of your living room.

TV Above the Fireplace

Hang your TV high above a fireplace, and decorate the mantel. Keep your TV positioned behind custom-made furniture in the back of the room. Also, keep the background clean and uncluttered. It will allow you to focus on only one thing at a given time.

Accessory for Decor

Display accessories and decor vignettes can be stored on a small shelf or ladder without taking up too much space. Be sure to not block the screen with tall objects.


This arrangement is great for your home, regardless of whether furniture is placed under the TV. Green plants can make your space more welcoming.


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