Are electric heated blankets safe?

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The convenience of electric blankets makes it easy to keep warm and cozy. Combining cloth blankets and electrical wiring can be a bit dangerous.

Are electric heated blankets dangerous or safe? We’ll examine the safety and health hazards associated with electric blankets and decide if it’s worth using them in your home.

Are Electric Blankets a Fire Hazard

Electric blankets pose the greatest safety risk. Although there are many instances of this happening, it is a small fraction of home fires.

Susan McKelvey (communications manager, National Fire Protection Association), stated that electric-heated blankets do not statistically indicate a significant home fire danger. “Considering there are an average of almost 360,000 home fires per year, electric blankets only.04 percent of these fires, it is surprising that electric blankets were used to start them.”

The fire hazard risk for an electric blanket that is new is very low. Older electric blankets present a bigger danger. Older electric blankets could be a danger because of frayed fabric and wire damage.

You shouldn’t be tempted to plug in an electric blanket that has been around for a while. If the electric blanket is older than ten years, it should be thrown away. Don’t buy secondhand electric blankets.

Are Electric Blankets Good for Your Health?

Electric blankets are not considered to be a major health risk in most cases. There has been speculation over the years that electric blankets that produce magnetic and electric fields (EMFs) could lead to cancer. The National Cancer Institute has completely discredited these theories.

Electric blankets can cause overheating if they are left on for too long or overnight. An electric blanket that has a timer can help to minimize this problem. Experts recommend that you keep your electric blanket on a low setting if you are pregnant. They should also be monitored for temperature fluctuations.

How to Store an Electric Blanket Safely

Proper storage is crucial to keep your electric blanket in top condition.

  • You can unplug the cords, and then store them in a small bag.
  • Keep the wires in great shape by not overfolding or crease the blanket too much.
  • Place nothing on top of the blanket when storing.
  • Keep the blanket away from pets.

These steps will ensure that your electric blanket is safe to use throughout winter. Your thermostat might be adjusted to allow you to lower it a little.

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