24 Vintage Christmas Decorations Inspired from 1950s to 80s

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You can make your Holiday decor more original by adding some vintage Christmas decorations. These vintage Christmas decorations are from the 1950s to 1980s.

Vintage decorations are a great way to make Christmas decor stand out. In recent years, vintage decor has been all over home decor. These items are being used to give character and personality to interiors. It’s also a great addition to the Holiday season.

Vintage decorations can bring back a lot of memories and add depth to your Christmas decorations, mantel vignettes, and other decorations around the house. Even if it is just one piece, it can quickly become the centerpiece of your decor. These 24 amazing ideas will inspire you to add something similar to this item to your holiday home.

Vintage Christmas Books

Decorating with vintage Christmas books is a sentimental way to decorate. These books give you a warm, nostalgic feeling of simpler times. Vintage books are often well-designed and trendy. We see more vintage items in modern decor.

Mini Vintage Christmas Village Decoration

They are adorable as decorations! They are even more adorable in vintage style. For a magical atmosphere, place one in your home under the Christmas tree or on the fireplace mantel.

Vintage Christmas Tree Ornaments

There are many Christmas ornaments available in many styles. Vintage ornaments are the most heartfelt. They give life to your tree and add a special holiday spirit.

Vintage Wooden Horse Christmas Ornaments

A wooden horse is a classic gift for kids. At least, that’s what the movies tell us. They are beautiful Christmas ornaments, regardless of their status.

Vintage Christmas Decoration for Trains

Another great vintage Christmas decoration is a tiny Christmas train. This vintage decoration has the same sentimental value of a wooden horse, and it adds variety to your holiday decorations.

Vintage Christmas wreaths

A wreath is a must-have for Christmas. It can also be vintage. This wreath is made from twigs, paper flowers and other materials. They can be made in many other styles.

Wooden Vintage Christmas Ornaments

These vintage wooden Christmas ornaments look so adorable. These handmade crafts are full of detail. If you spot any at a flea marketplace, don’t hesitate to grab them.

Vintage Christmas Balls From The 1970s

These Christmas balls are made of genuine glass from the 1970s. They are simply charming. This is a great way to give your Holiday decorations more substance.

Vintage Christmas decorations in a tin box from the 1980s

Are you still a fan of those tins full of cookies and candy? You’ll remember them if you were a child in the 80s. These boxes can be used as vintage decorations if you aren’t.

Christmas decorations made from vintage Fir cones in the 1950s

These vintage Christmas decorations are straight from the 1950s: these sparkling silver fir cones look amazing! Grab the chance to get something similar and add them as a holiday decor item. They will never go out-of-fashion!

Vintage Christmas Bauble Decorations in Glass

These glittering glass ornaments could be from the 1950s through the 1970s. They come in a variety of styles and ages and can be plain or patterned. These ornaments will add vintage Christmas magic and charm to any room.

Vintage Icicle Christmas Decorations

Vintage Christmas icicles can be used to add style and festivity to a space. These icicles can be used to decorate the fir tree or to add interest to twigs placed strategically around the room.

Vintage Christmas Tree Ornaments

This combination creates a vintage Christmas set of ornaments in pink and gold. These ornaments make Christmas extra magical with their shimmer and shine.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments for Fruits and Veggies

These vintage Christmas decorations made from glass are miniature versions of fruits or vegetables. These small conversation pieces will add color, interest, and visual appeal.

Mini Vintage Christmas Ornaments

These vintage Christmas ornaments are beautiful and delicate. These tiny pieces of art can be used as a wonderful addition to vintage Christmas decor, from their colors to their forms.

Vintage Christmas Bauble Decorations

These stunning and colorful baubles can be a wonderful addition to any space that is vintage-inspired. They are a great way to bring joy to everyone in the family, no matter their age.

Vintage Christmas Doilies Decoration

With its crocheted border and beautiful piece of art, this piece will add vintage charm to any space. It will bring joy to any room.

Vintage Oriental Christmas Decoration

This vintage ornament is a great inspiration for creating personalized Christmas decorations.

Christmas decorations made from vintage reindeer

The stately and elegant reindeer look great when draped with red ribbon. They also have a charming stance. These reindeer are a great way to bring the spirit of Christmas past to any space they are placed in.

Vintage Christmas Garland made of 3D Paper

This 3D garland was created to capture the spirit of Christmas. You can use it to decorate your home and spread Christmas cheer. You can make unique gifts with it.

Vintage Christmas Decorations: Paper Garland

These beautiful vintage handmade Christmas decorations will add a lot of energy to any space that they are placed in. This garland exudes joy and celebrates the season.

Vintage Shabby Chic Christmas Ornaments

These stunning Christmas ornaments look like tiny gems. These ornaments will add beauty, sparkle and elegance to any tree or surface they are placed on.

Vintage Magazine Christmas Decoration, 1960s

This magazine was published in 1963. It has stunning graphics. It could be recreated and added to your space to add vintage Christmas charm.

Vintage Lighted Star Christmas Ornament

The perfect Christmas decoration is the Russian Top Star Ornament. The vintage feel and holiday cheer it will bring to your room are sure to be accentuated by its presence.

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