15+ French Country Cottages that Will Give You Wanderlust

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Vacationing in France’s countryside immediately conjures up sophisticated and chic visions of delicious white wine lunches, the floral scent of fresh-baked baguette and an inexplicable golden hour.

Do you long to escape to the French countryside? We’re jealous. That’s why we have compiled a list of some of the most beautiful cottages in France. These countryside retreats, from tiny cottages in South France to beautifully designed villas in Loire Valley deserve a place on your vision board.

Hints on Foliage

French country style cannot be complete without some French native foliage, such as climbing vines and lilacs. The country cottage located in the middle of the Perigord Limousin Natural Regional Park exudes French Country flair with its powder blue French doors and beautifully curated climbing vines.

French Cottage Loft
French Cottage Loft

There is plenty of space to gather

Outdoor space is the best option for French country homes, especially in warmer climates. Although this charming cottage house is small in the South of France, it offers plenty of outdoor space for entertaining and good wine.

French Forest Retreat

Perched in Saint-Michel-l’Observatoire, this charming cottage in the woods looks as if it was pulled out of an oil painting. A classic stucco roof and terracotta roofing are complemented by turquoise shutters and doors and many climbing vines, florals, and other accents.

French Country Cottage The Book Southern Hospitality
French Country Cottage The Book Southern Hospitality

Chic meets Rustic

This charming country cottage has a charming mansard roofline, and elegant brick siding. It exudes charm you won’t find in the city. The carefully tended landscaping, which combines natural vines with creamy landscaping rocks, makes the exterior look even more appealing.

Waterfall of Roses

What comes to your mind when you think about a French country escape? The cottage is so beautiful it looks like it came straight out of a European country escape. It has a lot of stonework and barn-inspired doors. Hot pink shutters match the waterfall of roses hanging over the front doors.

French Cottage 2020 Victoria Magazine
French Cottage 2020 Victoria Magazine

Terracotta Tiling

Terracotta roof tiling and intricate brickwork are a quintessentially French combination–especially in warmer climates in the South of France. To complete the country appeal, light blue window treatments are used to highlight the brickwork’s traditional beige color.

Modern Mediterranean: A Modern Perspective

Preview The French Cottage Issue Victoria Magazine
Preview The French Cottage Issue Victoria Magazine

This new French country home is located in Rogliano in Haute-Corse. It combines traditional French and modern Mediterranean styles, creating a cottage that is both clean and rustic. This cozy cottage combines classic and modern elements with its elaborate barn-inspired windows, concrete terrace and terracotta tiled roof.

Great Gable Dormer Windows

This stunning French cottage can be found just off the coast in Pleneuf-Val-Andre. It is a perfect spot for those looking for idyllic French countryside getaways. It has all the French country features: a dormer roof, stucco siding, and a touch of Terracotta tiling.

Florishing Foliage, Thoughtful Landscaping

This charming Medoc getaway is the ideal place to enjoy charcuterie, wine, and soak up the summer sun. Outdoor seating and stucco siding are more comfortable thanks to the lush foliage, wild flowers and mature vines that run throughout the property.

French Cottage 2019 Cottage Journal
French Cottage 2019 Cottage Journal

Stone House by the Sea

The stunning stone house at the seaside looks like it’s frozen in time due to its original brickwork, muted roof and bright blue shutters. Charming vines and bright pink flowers are what make this charming brick home even more attractive.

L’art de Villa

Although the idea of a French country home typically conjures up images of quaint brick-lined cottages, there’s something to be said about an architecturally-minded villa on the sea. The Provencal villa has modern Mediterranean finishes like a second-floor terrace and large floor-to-ceiling Windows. However, it still retains hints of traditional cottage design like stucco siding or terracotta roof.

A Fortified Retreat

This charming cottage is located in Oppedette and features elegant brickwork, terracotta roof and a garden with a cream color path. It’s a great spot to enjoy afternoon drinks. This rustic home also has its own brick-lined fortification.

Modern Built-in Sunroom

This charming country escape combines rustic and modern. This cozy cottage has large dormer windows and climbing vines. It also features a mixed brick façade. However, the renovations made way for a modern sunroom to catch the sun or enjoy a rainy day inside.

Beautiful Barn Door Shutters

Barn door-inspired shutters and sliding doors were popular before they were borrowed by farmhouse designers. This charming cottage emphasizes the traditional style with bright seafoam-green shutters against a muted siding color.

La Vie en Rose

This charming Chateau L’Hospitalet cottage is nestled in an organic vineyard in the Languedoc–Roussillon region. It offers the perfect combination of rustic French charm and modern finishes. This is the place to go after a glass of natural French rose, with its intricate brickwork and magenta flowers.

Home in a Country Home Centuries Old

This old cottage could have many stories to tell if walls could talk! This centuries-old French country home is located in Gironde. It features all of the classic French design features such as barn doors, shutters, stucco siding and brick doors. The muted pitched roof has brick-lined chimneys and likely dates back to its original construction.

Rock and Roll

The exterior of this French country cottage is located in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, southwestern France. It features ornate stonework and stucco siding. This cottage offers both a rustic and traditional feel. Modern window treatments are available with burnt wood finishes to complement the intricate stonework.

Vines and Roses

The classic brickwork and stucco exterior of this Provencal country retreat exudes traditional French charm. There is ample outdoor space and plenty of foliage. Paul and Julia Child built La Pitchoune or La Peetch. This charming space is where Child wrote her classic cookbooks “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”, Volumes I and II.

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