15+ Cozy Fireplace Ideas from Stone

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Do you want to add a fireplace in your home’s interior? These are the top stone fireplace designs for your inspiration.

Stone fireplaces are the perfect example of warm and cozy interior design. A stone fireplace can be a focal point in your living space, but it also creates a place where the whole family can gather. We can’t forget about the Holidays, and how a fireplace helps to bring out the holiday spirit. A fireplace in a house is an obvious sign of a home.

Fireplaces can be as beautiful as they are. However, there are many design options available. There are many styles to choose from, including rustic and modern, as well as many variations. What about decorating around the fireplace or mantel? You have so many options for creativity. We have 20 ideas to help you bring a stone fireplace into your home. This list has been updated for 2019.

Best Stone Freplace Deas For A Cozy Home N 2019
Best Stone Freplace Deas For A Cozy Home N 2019

Modern Farmhouse Stone Fireplace

A natural stone fireplace is a great addition to this modern farmhouse living area with mid-century touches. The wall-mounted TV is a focal point for modern living. You can decorate around your TV in the best way possible.

Wood Cabin Stone Fireplace

The stone fireplace in the stone wall makes the wood cabin feel like a farmhouse. This room’s focal point is clearly evident by the large wall chimney. You should also pay attention to the lampshades, which are a modern touch and add a bit of interest to the decor.

Painted white stone fireplace

White painted fireplaces look neutral and leave no trace of pattern. This allows you to emphasize your mantel decor. You have rustic, cozy decor that reflects the details of your mantel display.

Art Deco Stone Fireplace Decor Idea

The stone farmhouse fireplace creates a farmhouse-style room design. However, the accent mirror with art deco is an interesting touch. This creates a high level of contrast that is not monotonous. You should also pay attention to the herringbone tile pattern used in the fireplace design. This modern touch doesn’t disrupt the farmhouse vibe.

Idea for a Modern Stone Wall Fireplace

If the fireplace is accented with stone, it can work well in modern rooms. This modern ventless fireplace adds warmth and modernity to the wall of artificial stone. This is the perfect example of rustic-meets modern design, which we love so much.

Patio Stone Fireplace

Stone Fireplace Ideas For A Cozy Nature Inspired Home
Stone Fireplace Ideas For A Cozy Nature Inspired Home

This patio with an outdoor fireplace is stylish and cozy. This theme captures outdoor living at its best with a firepit and roof extension. Robert Hansen took this photo of Orange County remodels.

Barn Door Stone Fireplace

Crisp Architects has designed this elegant and luxurious bedroom remodel in New York. This setting is ideal for cold nights, thanks to its stone fireplace and cozy interiors. The TV is hidden within this decor. Charming and useful, the barn doors that open above the fireplace are a great feature.

Modern Stone Fireplace

The living room in Dallas features a stone fireplace and white walls. The open-concept layout of this living room features light wood flooring and a ribbon fireplace. This is the perfect place to relax or read the latest mystery novel.

Natural Stone Wall Fireplace

This stunning living room was designed by The Bowman Group in OC. It features plenty of space and modern interiors. The living room features a fireplace to keep you warm on chilly nights and white walls with open-concept, medium stone wood flooring.

Modern Chimney Stone Fireplace

Stone Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas MOLTOON
Stone Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas MOLTOON

Modern and contemporary design is at its best in this extended fireplace waterfall. This San Francisco home features trendy white ceramic flooring that captures elegance and style at every turn.

Farmhouse Patio Stone Fireplace

This Southern-inspired home is located in Little Rock. This home features a fireplace that can be used to place plants, and a roof extension. It combines modern, contemporary design elements with Southern living.

Classic Farmhouse Stone Fireplace

This fireplace design features beautiful center plants, accented by pinkish-colored walls and cabinetry. The stone designs blend seamlessly with the overall decor, furniture and accessories.

Corner Patio Stone Fireplace

The fireplace is warm and cozy with rattan chairs, Ottoman and beige upholstery. The stone design can be customized to radiate from the roof’s bottom. It comes in casual and light white, grey, orange, and other colors. These are perfect for cold nights!

Full Wall Stone Fireplace

This 2-story living space features a dark grey fireplace and high-contrast white walls. This setting is modern and sophisticated with its geometric and centered design.

Rustic Cottage Stone Fireplace

The fireplace in this cottage-style living space allows for both traditional wood and natural gas. The room has an old-fashioned approach with a wooden mantle over the fire pit and center mirror. It also features autumn-style colors and features.

Modern Decor: Traditional Stone Fireplace Idea

This fireplace was inspired by a traditional design but with modern touches. Contrast well with dark wooden flooring, powder blue furniture and accessories and a high-gloss ceiling.

Irish Rustic Cottage Stone Fireplace Idea

The decor and designs of the Irish cottages inspired this living room. The living room is ideal for hosting events with friends and loved ones.

Cozy Rustic Stone Fireplace Idea

This fireplace design features a mantel shelf made of smooth wood. For the perfect design contrast, this is enhanced with soft grey walls and beige along with slightly reddish-colored stone.

Modern Farmhouse Stone Fireplace Idea

This home is featured on the Fall Parade Home Tour 2018. This home is a masterpiece from Wildflower Development in Lake Elmo (Minnesota). This beautiful setting continues to draw and engage people with its stone fireplace, abundant natural light, and a mix of beige, light brown, and orange.

Small Space Stone Fireplace Idea

The focal point of this striking design is its vibrant stone fireplace. This room features a cozy fireplace and integrated LED TV. It is perfect for enjoying a cup of tea or coffee on chilly mornings.

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