15+ Amazing TV Stand Options for More Style

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To have a TV in a room, you don’t need to use a TV stand. These 16 options for TV stands can do a better job. Continue reading!

Are you looking to save money, but not sacrifice your style? These TV stands are great alternatives.

There are many types of TV stands today. There are many TV stands that can hold flat-screen TVs and others that can hold large home theatre systems. You don’t necessarily have to use all of them. There are other options. It’s often the best option in many cases.

We will be sharing some great ideas on how to position the TV while still looking fashionable. Our site earns a commission for linking to product examples.

Console Table

If you are looking to move into a smaller space, a console table is a great choice. This console table can double as a TV stand and console table.

Console tables are easy to design. Before building one, you need to choose the look that you prefer.

There are many finishes to choose from, such as wood, metal and glass. A console table can also be equipped with a cable management system.

TV Shelf

A TV shelf is a better option than a traditional console or table. It must be strong enough to support the weight.

There are many great designs available online that will allow you to get started quickly. They can be more expensive than regular shelves. If you are willing to spend a bit more, it is worth it. They are worth every penny.

Mount for Floating TV

You can also use floating TV mounts. You can customize them to fit any TV.

People who have floating TV mounts say they are much more convenient than TV stands. There are also some drawbacks. Sometimes they can be difficult to install. They are a great way to save space under your TV.

TV Easel

This is our favorite type of TV stand. This TV stand is not only affordable, but also extremely versatile.

You can create different looks by changing the way you arrange the TV. It’s like turning your TV into an art piece.

Freplace Brllant Freplace Tv Stand At Lowes From
Freplace Brllant Freplace Tv Stand At Lowes From


A dresser can be used as a TV stand if you have children. Dressers made from wood are sturdy and durable.

These furniture usually have plenty of storage. They are easy to set up because they come with built-in furniture.

You can choose a solid color if you prefer to keep things simple.

Trunk or chest

A chest can be used as a TV stand if space is tight. These are relatively inexpensive and offer lots of storage space.

You’ll also need to ensure that there is enough clearance under it. It will block your access to other areas of your living space.

When choosing a chest, ensure it fits under your TV without interfering with any other items.

TV Fireplace Stand

A TV fireplace stand is a stylish and unique solution.

These TV stands often include a decorative firebox, which doubles as a TV stand. It makes sense that these stands are often sold in a bundle. Some stands come with remote control, others do not. They’re all worth looking at.


Best Collection Of Corner TV Stands For Flat Screen
Best Collection Of Corner TV Stands For Flat Screen

Another option is a bookcase. A bookcase can be purchased at most major box stores for $20.

This type of stand has the best advantage that you can add shelving units later. You can expand the capacity of this stand as often as you need. It doesn’t need legs so it is easier to move about. It’s ideal for small spaces.


It is similar to a bookcase but has shelves instead of doors. It offers stability, unlike a bookcase. It’s therefore better suited to larger TVs. It can also hold a lot of stuff. It’s perfect for all types of knickknacks.


Sideboards can be purchased that are specifically designed to hold TVs. These are also known as TV cabinets. These cabinets are generally taller than standard sideboards. This means that they offer additional height.

57 Inch TV Stand With Remote LED Lights Entertainment
57 Inch TV Stand With Remote LED Lights Entertainment

They often come with drawers. They can be used to store all kinds of stuff.

They are durable and easy to clean. They are a great option for those who want to show off their treasured possessions.


A cabinet is another popular option. These types of stands are relatively affordable. They still look great.

They don’t come with shelves so you need to be careful about where they are placed. Once you have done this, they will not get damaged. They are also easy to assemble.

Shoe Organizer

If you are looking for something practical, consider buying a shoe organizer that doubles as a TV stand.

These organizers are usually made of metal or plastic, so they are lightweight and easy to transport. They’re also very convenient.

You just need to slide it under your TV and you are good to go.

Best Contemporary TV Cabinets For Flat Screens Tv
Best Contemporary TV Cabinets For Flat Screens Tv


This is particularly useful if space is tight. But, not all nightstands are suitable for this purpose. Before you buy one, ensure that it meets certain criteria.

It must be strong, for example. It could easily fall over if it is not sturdy enough. It must also be tall enough to allow for adequate clearance below the TV.

Wooden Crates

A great option for a TV stand is wooden crates. They are versatile. They can be used for almost anything. Wooden crates are perfect for organizing your garage and creating a home office.

They are also extremely affordable. You can experiment without spending a lot.

Bar Cart

You can find our guide to building a bar car here. This stand is a great solution for small spaces.

It does however require assembly. It may take some time. It’ll be a great TV stand once it’s assembled.

Best TV Stands Our Picks S Reviews
Best TV Stands Our Picks S Reviews

Utility Cart

Another great option is a utility cart. They can be found at most hardware shops. They are easy to assemble, just like the other carts.

There are two major differences. They are generally larger. They often have wheels. They are ideal for mobility.

You’ll have to decide whether you want to buy a new one or repair an existing one.

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